GBEX - The world's first deflationary exchange token

GBEX is a Revolutionary Token – an exchange token combined with features previously only available in ‘meme tokens’ – until NOW! The deflationary design of GBEX virtually melts away the total supply DAILY – with every transaction. The increased volume on the Exchanges, functions as an ‘after burner’ – increasing the burn and rewards for each and every trade made on the various platforms around the world!

Unlock the potential of GBEX!

GBEX is a "Utility Token" and will be used all across the GBEX ecosystem for paying fees, voting or governance. Users benefit from discounts on fees, plus rewards, while using GBEX for transactions. The higher the usage on the various platforms, the greater the amount of GBEX tokens that will be utilized on daily basis. These increases will grow GBEX trading volume organically.


Every single transaction “Rewards” GBEX holders!! Using the GBEX ‘tax & burn’ model, whenever a user transfers GBEX, a 4% tax will be collected – 2% of the those tokens are instantly burned and 2% are distributed back to GBEX holders. Holding GBEX = Passive REWARDS for YOU!! Just sit back, relax and watch your GBEX balance GROW!!

Future Proof

GBEX is a 3rd Generation Token, powered by XinFin. Features like higher transaction speeds at much lower costs, low energy consumption, smart contract support and ISO20022 compatibility are key to provide a safe and sustainable environment for GBEX.

Exchange Token 3.0

Active community

Referral Program


Real utiliy

GBEX is a Utility Token which is used for paying fees on various exchange platforms and crypto processing gateways worldwide.

Active community

With thousands of members all around the globe, GBEX has the BEST and ever growing community. 

Less energy consumption

GBEX is running on the XinFin blockchain, which uses significantly less energy compared to competitive solutions



The GBEX smart contract was audited by and Rug Busters. 

High Performance

with much lower confirmation time and higher transaction rates, using GBEX has never been more convenient. 

Based on XinFin XDC

Based on the revolutionary protocol – XinFin XDC – which can handle more transaction, has a faster confirmation time, offers lower fees and consumes less energy.


Low Fees

A big advantage for GBEX users or buyers are the low transaction fees.

Anti Whale Dump

GBEX has a built-in mechanism to allow max. 0.5% of the supplied tokens per wallet.

Hodler Rewards

By holding GBEX tokens, holders obtain more tokens as a 2% reward goes to them from each user transaction.


Designed in a deflationary way. To begin with, there is a daily tax-and-burn; for every transaction the GBEX smart contract automatically collects 4% tax, from which 2% goes into the user
rewards and the other 2% are burned.


Initial Supply: 500.
GBEX burned:
Current Supply: 379.

Sale 250T




Burn events 120T


Team 65T


Gbex is a XRC20 token only. There is no GBEX Token on BSC or ERC20. Please don’t fall for a scam!
The contract address for GBEX on XDC(XinFin) is: 

Where to buy?

Probit Global
Probit Global Exchange
LBank Exchange
LBank Exchange
Globiance Central Exchange
Bitrue Exchange
Bitrue Exchange
SWFT Blockchain
SWFT Blockchain DeFi Exchange
IndoEx Exchange
Indoex Exchange
Globiance DEX
Globiance DEX

GBEX technology facts

GBEX is based on the revolutionary protocol – XinFin XDC

Decentralized, Hybrid, Interoperable &
Liquid Network

eXchange inFinite (XinFin), is a Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus network (XDPoS), enabling Hybrid Relay Bridges, Instant Block Finality and Interoperability with ISO20022 messaging standards, making XinFin’s Hybrid Architecture Developer friendly.

XinFin XDPoS Hybrid Network, Powered by
XDC Protocol

Interoperable Blockchain Network for Global Trade & Finance which enables Digitization, Tokenization and instant settlement of trade transactions, increases efficiency and reduces reliance on complex FX infrastructures, allowing for increased flexibility in liquidity management for financialinstitutions

Transactions per second

transaction confirmation time


Energy consumption



Future Proof – 3rd Generation Token powered by XinFin

Comparison CriteriaBITCOIN (BTC)
1st generation
Ethereum (ETH)
2nd generation
XinFin (XDC)
3rd generation
Transactions per second3-612-162000+
Average fee15 US$10 US$0.0001 US$
Transaction confirmation10-60 minutes10-20 seconds2 seconds (w/finality)
Smart contract supportNOYESYES
Energy consumption71.12 TWH20.61 TWH0.0000074 TWH

GBEX supported wallets

GBEX can be transferred any XRC-20 (XDC) compatible wallet.
Here a selection



XDC Wallet


Globiance - GBEX - Referral System

The Globiance Referral System is a bonus program for Globiance customers, who like to network and recommend Globiance to other people.

The Referral System has a one time bonus of 5 Million GBEX and 3 levels.

To get the one time bonus, a new user needs to sign up using the customers referral code and make a minimum purchase of GBEX for a value of 50 Euro. Then both will receive the one time bonus.

In addition, the inviting party receives parts of the trading fees (in GBEX):

Level 1 = 20% - direct referrals
Level 2 = 5% - 2nd level referrals
Level 3 = 1% - referrals network

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

September 6th, 2021 Smart Contract Security audit report

According to the standard audit assessment, Customer’s solidity smart contracts are “Secured”. These contracts also have owner functions (described in the centralization section below), which does not make everything 100% decentralized. Thus, the owner must execute those smart contract functions as per the business plan.




XDC (XinFin Network)




Result: secure

We used various tools like MythX, Slither and Remix IDE. At the same time this finding is based on critical analysis of the manual audit.
All issues found during automated analysis were manually reviewed and applicable vulnerabilities are presented in the Audit overview section. General overview is presented in the AS-IS section and all identified issues can be found in the Audit overview section.

We found 0 critical, 0 high, 0 medium and 5 low and some very low-level issues.

Rug Busters Audit result


This token passes our full audit. The code is safe. There is one "risky factor" in the contract, namely the mint function - but it
has a clear purpose and is transparently communicated. In terms of potential, this is a legitimate business with public people
and a registered company, and it has been around for a couple of years. It seams like they are in an aggressive expansion
phase, with their app launching soon to name one example. We see much potential in this token.

  • Token Symbol: $GBEX
  • Audit Type: Full Audit
  • Audit Result: Passed

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