GBEX Staking

Lock your GBEX up and receive more bonus tokens.

12 Months
10 % APY
  • locked for 12 months
9 Months
8 % APY
  • locked for 9 months
6 Months
6 % APY
  • locked for 6 months
3 Months
5 % APY
  • locked for 3 months
1 Month
4 % APY
  • locked for 1 month

Why stake with us?

The Globiance team has a long history of experience with “traditional banking” operations. We started our crypto business with b2b crypto services. Having the capability to provide you with the flexibility that you need in your preferred regulatory framework, makes us the crypto banking partner of choice.

Global Strategy

Our global strategy is to create the opportunity to share, enhance and grow long-term partnerships.

Attractive packages

our staking packages are very attractive - for bigger and smaller wallets, patient or impatient customers 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with a personal touch is at the heart of Globiance. Our customer support team is always available, 24/7.

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