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We understand well, that any business is facing its own challenges and a trustworthy partner, who understands and supports your journey, is hard to find. Our team of motivated and customer oriented agents would love to know, how we can walk together!

POS / QR Pay

Globiance Crypto Payment Gateway

The Globiance Payment Gateway is an easy-to-integrate payment solution for your online business. GPG enables businesses to accept cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, XDC, GBEX... and more?



Multi cryptocurrency


Why partner with us?

The Globiance team has a long history of experience with “traditional banking” operations. We started our crypto business with b2b crypto services. Having the capability to provide you with the flexibility that you need in your preferred regulatory framework, makes us the crypto banking partner of choice.

Global strategy

Our global strategy allows for the opportunity to share enhance our long-term partnerships.

Increased conversion

Offering customers more payment options enables businesses to easily address and service broader targets.

Satisfied customers

Globiance is known for its focus on customer satisfaction with a personal touch. Our support team is no exception.

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