Meet the Team

Globiance, with 150+ team members all around the world, has grown significantly over the last years. But before we're introducing the core team, we would like to thank every single team member for their outstanding commitment and contribution to our long term mission! We're proud to have you on board!



Metaverse Expert

Iri, our 1st pure digital Globiance team member, is looking forward to build her new home in the Metaverse. She's currently busy searching for land and the best spot to start her own branch.

Irina La Rosa

Main Founder | Chief People Officer

Prior to co-founding Globiance, Mrs. La Rosa had set up two successful ventures herself. With a background in psychology, she not only fulfils her official role in the company but also plays a crucial part in vetting new suppliers and business partners.

Oliver Marco La Rosa

Main Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Marco La Rosa had been involved in successful ventures in the past and has over 13 years’ experience with his team, servicing banks in Europe and knowing, as well as supporting, the IT platforms used by such banks that now benefit Globiance.

Alexander Pfau

Main Founder | Chief Technology Officer

For more than 15 years, Alex was a leading global expert in enterprise application and system management in the banking and insurance industry. Later he took over IT leadership roles to help companies digitizing business processes and to transform manufacturing towards Industry 4.0.

Sascha La Rosa

Main Founder | Head of IT Support

Sascha La Rosa started his career at an international IT company responsible for training the US Military in Germany. He specializes in network and security, with a focus on software development. He persistently improves the quality of the service and promotes the strong values of the company.

Philip Markland

Director UK | CIO

Georgi Georgiev

Head of Banking

Lilit Badalyan

Head of Compliance

Roy Wong

Director Singapore

Director Lithuania

Steven Mc Gowan

Director Australia

Mervin Murray

Director Australia

Mauricio Carrillo Palacio

Head of Americas

Olivier Richard

Director Switzerland

Gilbert Oliva

Head of Sales | Director USA

Bruce Ducharme

Director Canada

Yilmaz Kara

Director Turkey

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