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With smart products designed to fit your needs, Globiance Payment Solutions offers secure and easy-to-integrate payment services, to make your business crypto-ready.

POS / QR Pay

Globiance Crypto Payment Gateway

The Globiance Crypto Payment Gateway is an easy-to-integrate payment solution for your online business. GPG enables businesses to accept cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, XDC, GBEX... and more?

Ideal for Digital Nomads, Startups or Online Businesses

Run your business out of your pocket!
With Globiance POS / QR PAY, you're ready to accept payments from all around the world. Generate a QR code containing all payment details and easily provide it to your payment partner.  

Contactless Payments

Globiance POS / QR Pay allows for contactless payments simply by using your smartphone or tablet camera. Scan the generated QR code and pay using the cryptocurrencies in your wallet. 

QR Pay


Globiance App

Download and open the Globiance App

The Globiance App is available for iOS and Android. Login with your Globiance account.


Select GlobiancePOS

In the main menu, select GlobiancePOS to generate a QR code.


Payment Details

Specify the payment details, like payment reference, currency, amount or VAT and generate the QR code.


QR Code

Provide this QR code to your customer. The image can be shared or the link copied.



Multi Cryptocurrency


QR Pay

QR Pay

Open your Globiance App

QR pay can be found on the main screen or in the main menu in your Globiance app. This easy to use feature is designed for quick, safe and contactless payments in all supported cryptocurrencies.  

QR Pay

Scan and Pay

Scan the provided QR code and verify all payment details. It is also possible to add a “tip” onto the total. To confirm the payment, enter your 2FA code, then click on submit.

QR Pay


All received (POS) or made payments are listed in your history. Additional export and filter functions are available to help you manage your data properly.

Globiance Crypto Payment Gateway

The Crypto Payment Gateway allows users/customers to accept crypto as a payment on their website, which is settled and credited on their Globiance exchange wallet. The Globiance Merchant APIs are designed to allow access to all of the trade features of Globiance crypto processing.

A branded experience

The Globiance Payment Gateway is a highly customizable and easy-to-integrate solution to enable your online business to accept cryptocurrency for payments. Don't let your customer journey end too early, use our options to personalize the checkout procedure with your logo or color.

Payment Gateway


Multiple cryptocurrency’s are supported and accepted.

Widget or API integration

Options to integrate crypto payments.

Widget integration

Merchants can choose from Globiance pre-built widgets, or a customized widget can be created. To integrate a widget, add the Globiance widget script on top of the corresponding HTML page. The merchant then needs to name the injected Globiance object, with a payload containing the API Key, price, then add an optional note.

API integration

Merchants can also use the Globiance Payment Gateway to accept crypto via API. The purpose of the API integration is to give merchants more control over the checkout process and add their own customizations. Public and secret keys are used for one time signature communication to send and receive requests.

Why partner with us?

The Globiance team has a long history of experience with “traditional banking” operations. We started our crypto business with b2b crypto services. Having the capability to provide you with the flexibility that you need in your preferred regulatory framework, makes us the crypto banking partner of choice.

Global strategy

Our global strategy allows for the opportunity to share enhance our long-term partnerships.

Increased conversion

Offering customers more payment options enables businesses to easily address and service broader targets.

Satisfied customers

Globiance is known for its focus on customer satisfaction with a personal touch. Our support team is no exception.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I sign up?

    Click on Sign Up at the right-hand side of the website.

  • Why was my account rejected?

    Please contact our support team

  • Do I have to sign a data processing agreement?

    Our onboarding team will ask all required information.

  • How do I link payments to my website?

    Our integration team will assist you with our API or widget integration

  • How do I refund a payment to one of my consumers?

    Payment details are available in your personal dashboard

  • How do I enable POS in my account?

    You need to upgrade your account to a merchant account

  • Is a business account compulsory?


  • How do I activate crypto payments?

    Our support team will assist you

  • When do I receive the settlements?

    The received amounts will be credited to your merchant wallet immediately.

  • How do I become a merchant?

    upgrade your account to a merchant account in your user profile

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