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Take your crypto brand to the next level and introduce your currency to the worldwide audience it deserves. Exposure is key to making sure your crypto is on everyone's lips. In a few short minutes, your cryptocurrency can be listed on our platform! Don’t wait - Sign up now and you could have your listing up and running today!

Why Choose Globiance?

The ability to offer you the flexibility you need within your preferred regulatory framework makes us the crypto banking partner of choice.

Globiance is Global

5 Continents
13 Countries
more on the way

Globiance is Regulated

Regulated platforms offer a higher degree of customer confidence, greater transparency and accountability

Based on XDC network 

3rd Generation Blockchain
Ultra-fast transactions
Ultra-Low fees

Bank services

On/Off ramping, deposits/withdrawals, debit-cards, Fiat / crypto exchanging, purchasing and instant conversions available


Customer verification, transaction monitoring

Exchange and/or DEX

various exchange options

Staking Services

Enable your holders to
Stake their favorite coins and tokens with flexible options and great rates!

MM Service

Market Makers allow buy and sell orders to be executed quickly.


Point of sale services for both
retailers and customers. Pay using
crypto using a mobile phone & QR code

Globiance offers a secure platform with zero
surprises, it’s safe, secure, and reliable, offering
both you and your investors, peace of mind.

MM fund requirements

No hidden fees

Military-grade security

Fee accounts provided

Start your listing today and let Globiance help you
to grow your coin in the cryptocurrency community.

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