Globiance Verification

Globiance Official Verification

To safeguard our community from fraudulent activities under the guise of Globiance, we enable verification of whether a communication medium is officially recognized by us. This encompasses a wide array of platforms including, but not limited to, X/Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Medium, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, as well as contact numbers and WeChat profiles.

It is important to note that Globiance collaborates with Token Introduction Partners to spotlight promising digital currencies and assets. Nevertheless, these partners do not hold positions as employees or official representatives of Globiance, nor do they possess the authority to engage in contractual agreements or handle payments on Globiance's behalf.

Be aware that accounts might be managed by third parties not directly associated with Globiance. For information that is legally binding, including details regarding your digital assets and wallet addresses or other sensitive data, trust only the communication from our official domain or channels confirmed by our verification system.

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