XDC Network Enters the Metaverser!

XDC Network Enters the Metaverser!

The XDC Network is joining the Metaverser world and presenting its revolutionary protocol to the Metaverse.

The XDC Network has now ‘staked a claim’ within the Metaverser with a great opportunity for Blockchain 4.0. The XDC Network can now be promoted from within the Metaverser from its very own building in Crypto Valley.

The XDC Network

Built with developers and enterprises in mind, the XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain designed to power enterprise use cases while remaining flexible enough to meet growing industry demands. XDC is the native asset of the XDC protocol and may serve as the reserve cryptocurrency for all third-party apps running on the XDC Network. As a coin, it holds value and can be traded on Globiance and other cryptocurrency exchanges. It also works as a payment incl. settlement layer while powering a wide range of novel use cases;

- Settlement for dApps built on the XDC Network.
- A vehicle for value exchange, XDC is designed to support micropayments and near-instant settlements.
- Transaction costs (gas) for on-chain transactions.
- Smart Contracts – smart contract deployment; settlement for smart contract event triggers
- As collateral for tokenized instruments and stablecoins on the XDC Network.
- Visit the official homepage of XinFin for more information: xinfin.org


The virtual world that enables users to have fun while playing inside its metaverse while earning income from different play-to-earn games. Metaverser offers play-to-learn missions and challenges. Metaverser has incorporated the ‘World-of-Finance’ with gaming. It’s a fun and exciting game that also provides players with various opportunities to generate income while they play. Gamers have more control by adding “real-world” value to their online entertainment. Metaverser offers;

- Virtual Reality technology
- Free-to-Play
- Game
- Rent-to-play
- and more…

Visit the official homepage of Metaverser for more information: metaverser.me


The Bank and Crypto Exchange, has purchased Prime Metaverser ‘Real-estate’ just for the XDC Network, introducing the XDC Network into Metaverser – setting the stage to bring them both together.

“I am proud of the work done by the XDC foundation, especially the efforts of Atul Khekade and Ritesh Kakkad, our long-time friends and business partners. We wanted to show our appreciation for XDC, by inviting them to join us in the Metaverse. The “real-world” is no longer the limit and working together, the future ahead looks very bright, indeed.”

Globiance CEO – Oliver Marco La Rosa

Globiance is the Fusion of a Bank with Crypto Exchange(s) on a single platform. Globiance native token ‘GBEX’, is used in many different ways on the platform, including; Rewards incentives, Staking, Referral rewards, as well as paying fees. Globiance is also a cryptocurrency exchange that offers online banking-service capabilities for both corporate and retail customers, including a real-use ‘debit card’ for quick crypto/fiat access – anytime, anywhere. Created by a team of visionaries, Globiance is a groundbreaking “all-in-one” platform. Globiance knows the future is now, and they’re ready.

Visit the official Globiance homepage to learn more: globiance.com

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