New Globiance App Is live

The Globiance App update is NOW Available! 

When we set out to re-design and update the Globiance APP, we asked one question… “How much utility can we pack into a single APP?”...

The latest version of the Globiance APP offers features that have NEVER been available on any other crypto APP before - Banking and Crypto combined on a single platform, transacting, interacting, and operating side by side. Globiance has eliminated the need for multiple APPs by combining everything onto one platform that can also be accessed with the newest edition of the mobile APP.

The new upgrades have been designed for convenience. Now you can do your banking and crypto transactions on your mobile just by using the APP. You have the option to buy, sell, deposit, trade or make exchanges - like crypto for fiat or vice versa, right from your phone.

Check out our newest App features and prepare to be amazed!

Banking and crypto options - Buy - Sell - Exchange
Deposit and withdrawals - using BOTH fiat and cryptocurrency
CEX and DEX exchanges - or QuickSwap for instant trades
Secure online personal wallet
Credit card Depositing capabilities
Staking - set up staking & track your rewards
GBEX Reward Redemption - collect rewards at the click of a button
Referral code access - grab your code and share it!
Referral Network - easily track referral rewards as they accumulate
New APP theme and color options - personalize your APP
Live Support Network - get assistance 24/7
Track Market Trends

Merchants and customers and small businesses around the world are also discovering the benefits Globiance has to offer.

Customers can pay for their purchases with crypto or fiat in any currency, using their mobile to scan the QR code. As the transaction is processed, the Globiance APP will instantly convert it into the desired currency selected for final settlement. Merchants can sign-up to Globiance and manage their transactions and set / scan their pricing, and do it all just by using the mobile app. No expensive equipment is required. With Globiance, transactions are processed, converted and completed in seconds, and the fees are always ultra low.

Globiance is continually expanding – connecting people from around the world through the Globiance Platform and APP. We’ve created a world of convenience – one APP where banking, cryptocurrency, exchanging, and business transactions can be managed through a global gateway. The possibilities are endless! Best of all – everyone can participate!

We’ve torn down the barriers separating the banking and crypto industry to create a transacting Nirvana — smooth, seamless, and decidedly efficient.

Download the latest version of the Globiance APP and discover the ultimate freedom of using a single APP for all your banking and crypto needs.



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