LAUNCH into the New Year using the Launchpad feature available on Globiance

LAUNCH into the New Year using the Launchpad feature available on Globiance

Globiance, a pioneer in the provision of complete crypto services - among others, is the first XDC Network based Launchpad.

Innovative initiatives and upcoming talent in the cryptocurrency field are now able to raise money to help bring their ideas to life, with the assistance of the Globiance platform.

In order to facilitate the launch of initial coin offerings (ICOs), the Globiance Launchpad will provide users with a platform that is both safe and simple to navigate. Additionally, it will offer a variety of support services to assist projects in achieving their goals. This includes access to Globiance’s wide-network of industry partners, as well as support in the areas of marketing and technical assistance.

The exhaustive due-diligence process that each project is required to go through in order to be accepted for placement on the Globiance Launchpad is one of the most important aspects of this platform. This process ensures that the Globiance platform only supports the most promising, high-quality projects. Such projects will have put together powerful teams and established a solid business plan.

In addition to helping new ventures get off the ground, the Globiance launchpad offers investors a platform that is dependable and trustworthy for taking part in initial coin offerings (ICOs). In the event there are any queries or issues, the knowledgeable professionals of the Globiance team will be available to assist - in addition to providing frequent updates on the progression of each project.

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A Comprehensive variety of available support services:

In addition to offering a platform on which companies can launch their initial coin offerings (ICOs), Globiance will also provide a variety of support services to assist in procuring a successful outcome for upcoming projects. This includes providing technical assistance with the process of conducting an ICO, providing marketing support to aid projects in expanding their audience, and by providing access to our wide network of industry partners.

All of the projects that are currently visible on the Globiance launchpad, have been put through a comprehensive ‘due-diligence’ process in order to ensure that they are up-to-par with the highest industry standards. This includes analyzing the team that is creating the project, the potential of their technology, and the viability of the business model they are using.

A Platform that is dependable, trustworthy, and geared to investors:

The purpose of Globiance ICO launchpad is to offer investors a platform that is dependable and trustworthy, and on which - one can participate in ‘Initial coin offerings’ (ICOs). Globiance will provide regular updates on the progress that is being made on each project and our team of knowledgeable specialists will be accessible to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Contributing to the commercialization of the ’Next Generation’ of groundbreaking projects:

Globiance is thrilled to be in a position to support fresh initiatives and to lend a hand by introducing the next wave of unique concepts to the marketplace. The launchpad also provides a venue for projects to raise the necessary funding they require to bring their idea to life and to create a product that is relevant in the cryptocurrency sector.

Globiance is happy to be able to provide this opportunity and service to the cryptocurrency community, and looks forward to playing a part in ushering-in the next wave of groundbreaking crypto endeavors. The launchpad feature will be pivotal in assisting and supporting these upcoming projects to help bring them to fruition.

Please visit our website or get in touch with our team if you would need more information about our ICO launchpad or if you would like to submit a proposal for consideration.


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