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Globiance New Year’s Games 2024: Your Chance to WIN BIG

Let the Games Begin!

Today we usher in the highly anticipated Globiance New Year’s Games, promising a thrilling start to the year with a chance to win astounding prizes! Running until January 31st, these games offer an exhilarating opportunity for participants.

Daily Draws, Daily Wins

The excitement is set to skyrocket with a minimum of 24 daily draws, ensuring over 24 chances to win each day. Imagine the thrill of entering these draws and the potential of emerging as a winner, not just once but possibly multiple times!

Prizes Galore: From Digital Currencies to Exotic Travel

The prize lineup is nothing short of spectacular. Participants stand a chance to win a diverse array of rewards including $XDC, Real Gold (Token), Globiance Cards, $GBEX, USHARK, $CiFi, $Prnt - Prime Numbers, Metaverser, $PLI, and more exciting prizes.

The Ultimate Grand Prize: A Bangkok Adventure

Participants will all be chasing the Grand Prize - 1 of 3 incredible flight and travel packages for two to Bangkok! Winners will experience an exclusive meet & greet at the Globiance office and a memorable dinner with the Globiance Founders, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How to Participate and Increase Your Chances of Winning

Entering the games is simple. Every $50 USD worth of GBEX purchased using the Quick Swap feature on the Globiance app or website grants you one entry into the daily draw. Additionally, purchasing $50 USD worth of GBPAY Tokens using LaunchpadS on Globiance also secures an entry. The more GBEX or GBPAY you purchase, the more tickets you get, thus multiplying your chances to win.

Referral Rewards: Share the Joy and Earn More

Share the excitement to increase your chance of winning. By sharing your personal referral code, you open up a lifetime of bonus rewards. You could earn 20% of the trading fees from your direct referrals, 5% from second-level referrals, and 1% from their network. What's more, when your referral makes their first $50 purchase of GBEX using Globiance Quickswap, both of you receive a whopping one-time bonus of 5 million GBEX!

A Winning Strategy: Multiple Tickets, Multiple Chances

With the rule of "1 Prize Per Ticket Per Day," each ticket you enter increases your chances to win. Although a winning ticket is removed from the day's remaining draws, having multiple tickets means you stay in the game, keeping your odds high for winning different prizes throughout the day.

The Grand Finale: Grand Prize Draws on February 1, 2024

The excitement peaks on February 1, 2024, with the Grand Prize Draws. All tickets entered from January 15th to 31st are eligible for these draws, giving participants ample opportunity to be one of the three lucky winners of the magnificent Bangkok travel package.

Join the Festivities Now!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to start your year with excitement, fun, and the chance to win phenomenal prizes. The Globiance New Year's Games 2024 are a testament to Globiance's commitment to creating engaging, rewarding experiences for our community.

Participate, refer, and win – it's a New Year's celebration like no other, brought to you by Globiance. Dive into the fun and fortune that await you at the Globiance New Year's Games 2024. Let the games begin!

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