Globiance Announces: Staking is Now “LIVE” on the Globiance Platform

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GBEX Token Staking is here!

Globiance has announced that the highly anticipated Staking feature is now LIVE as of August 3, 2022. The Staking program works with GBEX and other tokens like XDC. At first, only GBEX pools will be available and other tokens will follow.


GBEX Token holders can now stake their GBEX – with multiple options to choose from:

1 Months 4% APY
3 Months 5% APY
6 Months 6% APY
9 Months 8% APY
12 Months 10% APY

The GBEX Token

GBEX is a powerhouse utility token – created specifically for Globiance. GBEX is used for transactions, paying fees, and many other features on the Globiance Platform. Holders can use their debit-card to pay for things using their GBEX tokens directly from their Globiance account, when shopping and paying bills.

GBEX is a deflationary token, this means that the total supply is continually shrinking. Making trades on the CEX or transferring between wallets, keeps the supply in a constant state of Burning.


Globiance is an Interoperable Exchange / Banking platform complete with payment “gateways”, crypto trading, banking services, stablecoins, and both centralized and decentralized marketplaces. In addition, the GBEX Staking program is now LIVE. Globiance offers various payment options and services to both retail and corporate customers. The Globiance debit-card, is a convenient way to access crypto, shop, transact, or pay for things directly, using GBEX tokens, cryptocurrency, or fiat. Globiance is ISO20022 interoperable and also offers forensic tools.

Globiance is based on the XDC network (XinFin) Blockchain 4.0 which utilizes military-grade, secure software. It’s ultra fast with minimal transaction confirmation time and very low transaction-fees.

GBEX Tokens can be purchased on the Globiance DEX –, the European Globiance platform and 13 more Globiance Platforms worldwide as well as any of the following: Probit, Bitrue, BitMart, SWFT, LBank.

Visit to learn more about GBEX Tokens, GBEX tokenomics, Globiance and more.

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