GBEX: The exchange token of a “new kind”.

GBEX: The exchange token of a “new kind”.

Why did Globiance launch an in-house utility payment token and how can users benefit from its utility?

Why is the GBEX token needed?

Since the launch of Globiance’s centralized exchange in 2018, the team has been active. The platform has grown significantly with additional products and services.

In order to get the most out of Globiance’s products, there was a need for “fuel” to power this continuously growing platform globally, while rewarding users at the same time. The Globiance Exchange Token (GBEX) has been designed and launched, not only as a way to power the platform but enhance it as well.

What is the GBEX token, and how can I use it?

GBEX is a utility and payment token based on XinFin’s hybrid protocol, XDC Network (XRC-20). XDC Network is a 3rd generation blockchain, well known on the crypto scene for not only improving Ethereum’s problems but also setting a new benchmark in the entire crypto ecosystem.

GBEX benefits significantly from these features and offers, creating ideal conditions for a wide range of use cases.

The GBEX token is used across the Globiance ecosystem for fee payment, voting, and governance. In addition, the team is currently working on other uses for the token, such as a payment method on new gateways, NFT marketplace, staking options and use in multiple metaverses.

How does Globiance’s token differ from traditional exchange tokens?

Aside from the utility of the token or its use as a payment method, it was important to the team to make using the token as rewarding as possible for users.

With its deflationary mechanism, the automatic rewards are distributed to holders through the smart contract. With the ability to Stake (10 percent APY) and benefit from discounts or gifts, the cryptocurrency offers ideal conditions to give back to the people, as well as the companies that use the Globiance platform.

Who can own GBEX?

Anyone can buy and use GBEX. Interoperability is very important to Globiance, so apart from the Globiance products themselves, you can also buy the token on the following exchanges:,,,, (All-Chain), and more to follow.

Overview of GBEX’s deployment options:

Trading: Trade on the Globiance banking/crypto exchange platform using the Globiance DEX (decentralized) or CEX (centralized) exchange.

Banking: Access funds or exchange your currency quickly and smoothly with the banking features of the Globiance platform.

Fees: Use the Globiance app for convenient cryptocurrency trading and pay fees with GBEX.

TAX Reward: Earn rewards for every wallet transaction.

Referral System: Earn lifetime rewards by sharing your ‘referral code’ when your friends sign up.

Staking: Stake GBEX and earn up to 10 percent APY.


- Have your transactions processed in 2-3 seconds.
- Interoperability with ISO20022 messaging standard.
- The average cost per transaction on the XDC (XRC-20) network is $0.0001 per transaction
- GBEX token is deflationary, as a portion of tokens are burned in transactions and the supply shrinks while - GBEX holders are rewarded.
- Globiance has multiple registered companies with licenses and SRO memberships.
- Amazing interactive, staff and community.
- And much more!

Coming soon to Globiance:

- CrossDex
- NFT Marketplace
- Metaverses
- GameFi

Visit Globiance for more information about GBEX tokens, including GBEX tokenomics, rewards, and more. – Information about our token. – Globiance homepage – GlobianceDEX – EU Platform

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