2022 - The Year in Review at Globiance

2022 - The Year in Review at Globiance

2022 has been an amazing year at Globiance. Here’s a quick look back at just a few of the accomplishments Globiance has achieved over the past year.

Globiance has continued to add new products, features and options to our Global Platform. With a common-sense approach to design we have created a variety of exchange and payment options that are inclusive - but not limited to crypto trading alone.

2022 has undoubtedly been a year of unprecedented change within the Crypto community. ‘Out of crisis comes opportunity’... the value of the Globiance Platform having already been established as a licensed and regulated exchange from the first day - cannot be understated. We have never taken shortcuts when it comes to compliance or the safety of our clientele.

Globiance is built on a solid foundation and on that foundation we are forging our path to the future based on structure, licensing, safe practices and diverse offerings.  

2022 - A year of great achievement for Globiance


The Launch of our Stable Coin Swap enabled the exchange of USDT/USDC 1:1 against USDG. In addition to this, USDT/USDC can now be exchanged with EURG directly.


EURG and USDG can be exchanged with EUR and USD for withdrawals or used for executing payments. All Globiance Stable Coins are 100% backed by fiat and are fully redeemable at all times.
In addition, Globiance exchanges USDT/USDC inwards 1:1 against USDG or EURG.


GBEX, EURG and USDG have been listed on multiple external exchanges.


The entire core system of Globiance Exchange was revamped and a new state-of-the-art ‘Trading Engine’ was installed.


The introduction of GBEX Staking was followed up with XDC, XRP, PLI, DC and other tokens that are part of the ongoing Staking Programs we have launched at great rates.


XDC Master Node staking has been a huge success up to date. Today 50 Globiance XDC Master Nodes are now fully-synced and LIVE. The shared staking model allows every XDC holder to participate in XDC Master Node staking whether they hold a thousand or a million XDC.


The new Globiance App was redesigned and it introduced many new functions, such as; tickers, tracking, instant trades and more. The end result is a beautiful, well-designed, functional and user-friendly App. Thank you for your overwhelmingly positive feedback.


Globiance is not only licensed as Crypto Currency Exchange it also has Financial Institution licenses in the USA and Europe - for example. As a result Globiance is more strictly regulated than those operating as crypto exchanges only. We understand and respect the value of ‘regulatory compliance’ and Globiance takes it seriously.


· Switzerland            · Argentina
· Paraguay               · Brazil
· Colombia               · BVI
· Turkey                    · Australia
· USA                        · South Africa
· Europe
· Peru
· Chile

We have reached many countries in 5 continents in 2022. Globiance plans to continue its Global Expansion in 2023.


The release of the ongoing Globiance Referral program has proven to be a huge success! Platform users who have shared their ‘Referral code” are now earning their share of lifetime GBEX Referral Rewards.


Globiance established its presence in the Metaverse in a BIG way this year. The Metaverse is still young but it’s with opportunity! NFT’s, banking and reward incentives are just a few examples of the endless features the Metaverse has to offer. Stay tuned for what’s coming in the future - it’s closer than you think.


We have checked off the majority of roadmap goals for 2022, there are still a few projects in the works and progress is ongoing; GBEX Levels, NFT functions, DEX improvements as well as Family Features, had to be moved to Q1/Q2 2023.


As 2022 comes to a close we would like to thank you for the ongoing support, loyalty, trust and (sometimes needed) patience that we’ve received from you over the past year. We recognize that the steady growth Globiance has achieved over the past year could not have occurred without your support and belief in our platform.

We LOVE our GBEX FAMILY and are looking forward to sharing the rewards of our growth in the upcoming year - 2023 with each and every one of you.

A Sincere thank you to all of you for being a part of our family!

See you in 2023!

Irina, Oliver and the Globiance/GBEX Team!  

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