Irina La Rosa

Main Founder | Chief People Officer

Human Resources | Masters in Psychology | Corporate Social Responsibility

Oliver Marco La Rosa

Main Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur | 13+ Years Banking Experience | IT Outsourcing Services

Alexander Pfau

Main Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Manager International Consulting | Enterprise Information Management | Infrastructure Specialist

Sascha La Rosa

Main Founder | Head of IT Support

Philip Markland

Chief Information Officer & Director UK

Project Management | IT Operations Management | Banking Compliance | 21+ Years Banking Experience

Sharne Tracy

Chief of Staff

Georgi Georgiev

Head of Banking

19+ Years Management - Bank / Branch director | Sales and Business Development | Financial Management and Controlling | Payments Management

Lilit Badalyan

Head of Compliance

LLM | Financial Risk | AML and Compliance

Roy Wong

Director Singapore

20+ Years Banking & Payment | Management Experience | Product Management, Branding and Marketing Customer Segmentation, Customer Acquisition

Rutt Moelter

Director Estonia

Steven Mc Gowan

Director Australia

Mervin Murray

Director Australia

Mauricio Carrillo Palacio

Head of Americas