GBEX – Globiance Exchange TokenGBEX coin

The Globiance Project started 2018 but we did not want to present another Whitepaper Project. We have patiently waited for the right time to release our token. Today Globiance is a financial services group consisting of cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions situated in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Singapore and more opening shortly. The right moment to introduce GBEX as the base currency of the Globiance platforms.

Globiance Maps

GBEX – The Token

Globiance is a group of regulated/licensed exchanges and financial institutions. GBEX is the house token of Globiance and used on daily basis on all Globiance Platforms worldwide.
The Globiance project exists since 2018 and the platforms are live.

√ GBEX is an Exchange Token Generation 3.0.
√ Deflationary. 4% Tax – 2% burn – 2% to holders
√ Automatically rewarding Holders.
√ Starting from a small price.
√ Anti-Whale – Dump Protection – only 0.5% Tokens of Supply per Wallet allowed

Based on the revolutionary protocol – XinFin XDC – which can handle more transaction, has a faster confirmation time, offers lower fees and consumes less energy.

Future Proof – 3rd Generation Token powered by XinFin

Based on XinFin Network


Decentralized, Hybrid, Interoperable & Liquid Network
eXchange inFinite (XinFin), is a Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus network (XDPoS), enabling Hybrid Relay Bridges, Instant Block Finality and Interoperability with ISO20022 messaging standards, making XinFin’s Hybrid Architecture Developer friendly.

XinFin XDPoS Hybrid Network, Powered by XDC Protocol
Interoperable Blockchain Network for Global Trade & Finance which enables Digitization, Tokenization and instant settlement of trade transactions, increases efficiency and reduces reliance on complex FX infrastructures, allowing for increased flexibility in liquidity management for financial institutions

Globiance Today

Globiance Exchange

Globiance New Features

Globiance GBEX Token

Utility – Why is GBEX needed?

GBEX is a Utility Token which is used for paying fees on the Globiance exchange platforms and crypto processing gateway worldwide.

By paying with GBEX tokens users benefit from discounts on fees. The more users Globiance has, the more GBEX will be used on daily basis, growing the trading volume organically.

GBEX Price

GBEX Token Growth

If you pay – you save. If you hold – you earn!

Please login or sign up and get your deposit address, then open the Mercuryo window

>>> Mercuryo PDF Manual <<<


If you have any issues, please feel free to write us at [email protected]

When buying tokens via website, please do not forget to provide your email address.

  1. Open an account at
  2. Buy GBEX with Card or Crypto. The GBEX tokens will be credited automatically. If the automatic credit does not happen within one hour please write us at [email protected]
  3. You can withdraw the tokens when free trading starts on 1st November 2021.
  4. If you do not want to open an account, you can receive the tokens to an external wallet as soon as free trading starts (i.e., on 1st November 2021).

Compatible Wallets: D’CENT, Bitfi, freewallet, xcelPay

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Sold Out GBEX Token OFFER

Public Sale

Public Sale
1st -30th September – 50 € = 525,000,000 GBEX
1st – 15th October – 50 € = 450,000,000 GBEX
16th – 31st October – 50 € = 400,000,000 GBEX

Timezone for token sales is GMT+2


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Token Value

Using the tax&burn model every single transaction rewards holders and burns tokens. Whenever a user sells GBEX 4% taxes will be collected – 2% of the tokens will be burned and 2% will be distributed to all holders. Holding GBEX means earning passively. Watch your tokens grow!

Burn Events

After 45, 90, 180, 360, 720 days massive 60 Trillion Tokens will be burned. On top of the burn tax that burns 2% tokens on every single transaction.

  • TAX & BURN – 2% / 2%
  • LARGE BURN EVENTS after 45 – 90 – 180 – 360 – 720 days (each time 60 Trillion Tokens)
  • PASSIVE GAINS – HOLD GBEX to gain more tokens (2% reward goes to token holders from each transaction)


Initial Supply 500,000,000,000,000
Token for Sale 20% 100,000,000,000,000
Team Tokens 13% 65,000,000,000,000
Incentives 7% 35,000,000,000,000
Burn Events 60% 300,000,000,000,000


A great token needs a great app.

Starting 01.08.2021 the release countdown is on:

30 days until: GBEX Stats, Quickbuy – Buy and Sell Crypto Currencies on Globiance CEX

60 days until: GBEX DEX and interDEX – exchange any tokens in your private wallets to other tokens across multiple DEXs

90 days until: GBEX STAKING – earn money staking your GBEX tokens


Project Delivery

[ √ ] GBEX Token Sales Launched
[ √ ] GBEX Tokens are for sale with credit card
[ √ ] GBEX Tokens are for sale with crypto
[ √ ] XDC listed on Globiance (target 31.08.2021) – done 24.08.
[ √ ] SRX listed on Globiance (target 31.08.2021) – done 24.08.
[ √ ] GBEX contract released (on XinFin Explorer) (target 31.08.2021) – live on test net – external auditors are reviewing
[    ] GBEX App v1 rollout on IOS (target 30.09.2021)
[    ] GBEX App v1 rollout on Android (target 30.09.2021)
[    ] GlobianceDEX is live (web) (target 1.10.2021)
[    ] GlobianceDEX available in GBEX App v2 (target 30.10.2021)