Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

Please visit Globiance official website: Globiance.com

•  Sign up for a free account
•  Verify your email address

I have not received my activation email?

•  Sign up for a free account

•  Verify your email addressPlease make sure you are using the right email addres

• Please also check your spam folder 

• If you still have an issue, Please Email to support@globiance.com

How to complete the account verification process?

Go to the dashboard and start the KYC process by providing all your personal information and submit your application

You have two different options to finish your KYC:


If you wish to enjoy the full functionality of our Globiance Exchange (Bank account + Access to the crypto exchange), choose option one.


If you wish to use just all services related to cryptocurrencies and you don’t want to open a bank account, click on option 2.

How to secure your account?

•  Enable 2-factor authentication

•  Don’t share your password with anyone including Globiance support

•  Don’t share your OTP with anyone including someone pretending to be part of the Globiance support team, we will never ask for your passwords!

How to reset your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you will be able to request a password reset on the  Globiance exchange login form

How can I make a deposit?

•  Log in to your Globiance account, please visit: www.Globiance.com

•  Go to -> Your Accounts -> Wallets choose your currency and click on “Deposit” and your wallet address will be provided

What happens if a deposit is sent to the wrong wallet address?

Incorrect tokens/coins deposited to the wrong address may be considered as loss of your funds and Globiance will not be able to recover those funds whatsoever

How can I make a withdrawal?

•  Log in to your Globiance account, please visit: www.globiance.com

•  Go to -> Your Accounts -> Wallets

•  Choose your currency, click on “Withdraw” and follow the process

My withdrawal is not shown in my wallet?

•  Please check the Transaction ID on the corresponding blockchain. If the blockchain shows that it is currently processing or waiting for conformation, simply wait until the transaction is completed

•  If the transaction is already processed, that means Globiance has already sent the transaction from outside, please check with your service provider if you’re using a 3rd party wallet

My deposit has not been credited yet?

•  Please allow enough confirmations on the blockchain for your deposit to be credited. If you don’t receive your deposit after all successful conformations, please contact our support support@globiance.com

What’s the exchange fee for market-maker/taker?

The current exchange fee is 0.2% for both market-maker/taker. If you pay your fees in GBEX you will get 30% discount

How can I apply for a corporate/business account?

All information how to apply for a business account can be found on https://globiancepay.com, If you need any assistance, please reach out via email to contact@globiance.com

Why was my application for a corporate account rejected?

Kindly note that Globiance reserves the right to reject businesses that do not meet our verification criteria in full or which do not fall within our acceptable business policies. Please note that application rejection reasons may not be always provided

How can I apply for Globiance IEO?

•  If you want to participate with your project in our IEO platform, please send us an email with your project details to listing@globiance.com

How does the IEO platform works?

We will help the ICO’s from the planning and execution of the ICO by providing liquidity via listing on Globiance.com.

How can I list my token?

Please send us an email listing@globiance.com, we will get back to you ASAP

For what can I use GBEX tokens?

The GBEX tokens can be used on the entire Globiance platform to pay your fees such as:

•  Crypto/fiat exchange fees

•  Transfer fees

•  Listing fees

•  Margin trading fees

•  Payments to connected merchants

•  Securities transaction fees

What kind of KYC is used by the Globiance platform?

Globiance uses different KYC procedures to verify their customers, like ID verification, 3D image recognition or Video Ident, depending on the individual use case.

How do you manage to get the liquidity?

Initial liquidity will come from the ICO from being spent on different currencies to fill initial order book filling.we will also use 3rd party exchange liquidity.

How is the exchange secured?

Your funds always remain safe

•  Our infrastructure is hosted in a high-security datacenter

•  The exchange software embeds our “encrypted user access” system which adds an additional protection layer on the wallet to prevent it from being hacked

•  Our software allows enabling “Two Factor Authentications” like E-Mail and Google Authenticator for additional login security

•  All communications between servers and databases are fully encrypted


Protect yourself from phishing attacks,

•  Always make sure you are using 

Website https://globiance.com

Exchange https://exchange.globiance.com

•  “Hackers” are using different methods to steal your data, such as personal information, passwords and payment information. Please always check the original sender address an do not open any emails from other addresses than the original @globiance.com. Please also be aware of e-mails with suspicious formatting or characters, for example, support@–globiance.com or support–@globiance.com