Frequently Asked Questions

What GBEX tokens Can Be Used For?

The GBEX can be used on the entire Globiance platform to pay for fees such as:

•   Crypto/fiat exchange fees
•   Transfer fees
•   Listing fees
•   Margin trading fees
•   Payments to connected merchants
•   Securities transaction fees

What about the exchange security?

Your funds always remain safe.

1) Hosted in a high security datacenter
2) Second, the exchange software embeds our “encrypted user access” which further protects the wallet from being hacked.
3) Third, our software includes standard Two Factor Authentications like E-Mail Authentication and Google Authenticator for additional login security.

How does your ICO platform works?

We will help the ICO’s from the planning and execution of the ICO by providing liquidity via listing on Globiance.com.

How do you manage to get the liquidity?

Initial liquidity will come from the ICO from being spent on different currencies to fill initial order book filling.we will also use 3rd party exchange liquidity.

What’s the exchange fee for maker/taker?

0.2% for both maker/taker, if paid in GBEX users get 30% discount.

What kind of KYC is used by the Globiance platform?

Globiance uses different KYC procedures to verify their customers, like ID verification, 3D image recognition or Video Ident, depending on the individual use case.