Globiance announces a token sale of NTS tokens of Notarised, operated by DrWeb Solutions, worth of $1,000,000 to Silver Rock Group (Dubai). 

Birkirkara, Malta – 12 March 2020

Pursuant to an IEO partnership with DrWeb Solutions, operating under its trademark “Notarised”, Globiance Europe OÜ (EE), operating under its trade mark “Globiance”, has sold NTS (the tokens of Notarised) to Silver Rock Group (Dubai) in the value of $1,000,000 in a structured transaction.

With this transaction Globiance was able to help Notarised to achieve its soft cap within the scope of their IEO/ICO-Token Sale.

The tokens of Notarised are classified as utility tokens. NTS (Notarised) are issued to fully develop the Notarised platform and can be converted to NTS tokens at a later time. Once fully developed, NTS will be the payment unit of the Notarised and can be used there to purchase services, sign documents, rewarding system or be traded in an exchange for fiat/crypto . NTS is based on the ERC-20 standard in the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally Globiance will list the tokens of Notarised and commence trading on the Globiance exchange on or about 1 July 2020 with trading symbol NTS.

Currently the tokens may be purchased on the IEO platform operated by Globiance ( at a price of $0.2.

About Globiance:

Globiance – Merger of a Bank and a Crypto Currency Exchange

Globiance provides financial services for professional and personal customers. The

Globiance platform covers exchange and trading of Crypto and Fiat currencies, payment

solutions and worldwide transfers.

Globiance is one of the few platforms with a global approach and additionally features integrated individual bank accounts for each client. We focus on the user experience of buying and selling crypto combined with the ability to instantly withdraw Fiat to the integrated accounts and a personal client support that does not hide behind emails.

A full EU IBAN bank account (SEPA+SWIFT) can be opened for every client from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Further information can be obtained on

Additionally, the CEO of Globiance, Oliver La Rosa can be contacted by email at


About Notarised: is a decentralized application built on top of the blockchain that helps you sign, notarize and verify any type of document. It gives you the ability to upload your documents, create new documents or reusable templates in no time, by collaborating with your team in a real time environment. uses smart signing allowing you to have control over the time and signing flow of the document by third parties. Provides you with a digital identity and a way to prove your digital identity that ensures integrity of your documents.

The whitepaper of Notarised can be accessed at the following link

Further information can be obtained on:

Additionally, the co-founders of Notarised, Gentian Elmazi and Agon Fejza can be contacted by email at: and

Gentian Elmazi LinkedIn:

Agon Fejza LinkedIn:

About Silver Rock Group (Dubai):

Silver Rock Group (Dubai) (“SRG”) Specializes in Structuring & Investing in a variety of Financial Instruments including Private Placements, Pre-IPO opportunities, Private Equity Accumulation of Undervalued Securities, and Special Situations. Recent concentration has been on Technology opportunities. SRG has diversified its investment strategy to include the purchase of cryptocurrency tokens. SRG is seeking issuers with innovative management teams and disruptive technologies operating in the blockchain space. SRG will negotiate the acquisition of new tokens in pre-IEO offerings, IEO offerings and existing tokens listed on exchanges via private placements. SRG has established a network of accounts and wallets across multiple regulated exchanges.

Further information can be obtained on

Additionally, the CEO of Silver Rock Group (Dubai), Ezzat Jallad can be contacted by email at