Globiance signed a cooperation agreement with Silver Rock Group.
SRG, headed by Managing Director Ezzat Jallad offers investment up to 2 Million Euro in projects listed on Globiance.

Silver Rock Group Specializes in Structuring & Investing in a variety of Financial Instruments including Private Placements, Pre-IPO opportunities, Private Equity Accumulation of Undervalued Securities, and Special Situations. Recent concentration has been on Technology opportunities. We also specialize in introducing New Technologies to the MENA region, through JV’s & Licensing of the Technologies.

SRG through its related entities, sources, analyses & structures the transactions, Leads the financings & offers them to its Co-Investors. For over seven years SRG had offices in Shanghai with a team of five professional where we invested in over 60 Chinese companies These investments ranged from PIPE transactions to Private Equity Investments, to spearheading a complete turnkey solution for these companies, where the focus was to offer growing medium size Chinese growth companies a program for going from a private PRC entity to doing an IPO, assisting in all aspects , including restructuring, raising capital, enhancing management & internal controls, and preparing to become a traded company to access the Capital Markets.

SRG has diversified its investment strategy to include the purchase of cryptocurrency tokens. SRG is seeking issuers with innovative management teams and disruptive technologies operating in the blockchain space. SRG will negotiate the acquisition of tokens listed on exchanges via private placements. SRG has established an account with a regulated exchange with a network of wallets across multiple exchanges.

Ezzat Jallad, Managing Director, Group

Ezzat Jallad is responsible for the Group’s Strategy & Management as well as the structuring of the transactions

For the last 25 years, Mr. Jallad has been investing in small and medium-sized companies. He has structured and completed numerous Private Placements in US & Chinese Companies, and has extensive knowledge in both Private Equity and PIPE (Private Investments in Public Equities) transactions, and Pre-IPO Investments in Technology Companies.

Ezzat Jallad founded the Silver Rock Group.

Ezzat Jallad has served on Board of Directors of US public Companies, including various committees; has taken private companies Public, being responsible for Restructuring & Financing, as well as assisting with formulating the Equity story, and preparing the companies to enter the Capital markets.

Previously Silver Rock group operated in China, with offices in Shanghai with a team of 5 professionals, where we performed the Preliminary Financial Due Diligence & Legal Due Diligence; Invested in the first round, brought in Co-Investors, and assisted the companies on all undertakings to become Public Companies.